Thank you for considering us as a possibility for your child’s school community for the coming year. We encourage you to discover who we are. As a Christian school, our purpose is not just to present a Bible class to our students. Nor is it just to begin and end each day with devotions. Yes, it is those things too. But a Christian school encourages Christian living within its community. It advocates that all of education is to be carried out inside a Christian framework, acknowledging that all of life is religion, that everything we do and say is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and that was His people are to live responsible, God-glorifying lives. It means that we teach and learn about Mathematics, English, Science, and all the other host of glorious facets of God’s creation in that light, that they are integral parts of His creation, that we must use what we teach and learn for His glory and the expansion of His kingdom and to build each other up. We are to be Christ-like!

East Palmyra Christian School is just that, a Christian school, whose mission is to assist Christian parents to nurture their sons and daughters in becoming responsible Christians by providing instruction based upon God’s Holy Scripture as interpreted by the Reformed creeds.

But it takes more than the Christian school to accomplish all of this. Through God’s grace, the home, the church, and the school must work together in a child’s education. Together we touch the lives of our children.

Thus we encourage parents to become part of their children’s education and we allow for much parent involvement at EPCS: volunteer in the classroom, in field trips, in fund-raisers, in playground monitoring, and in committees. EPCS is a Christian community in which all are invited to participate.

Come. Discover who we are!

Keith Vanderzwan