Teachers & Staff

Our dedicated, Christian teachers are fully competent, having earned degrees in their fields. Our faculty is committed to Christ and to the perspective that all teaching and learning must be done under God’s Kingship.


Mr. Reid Robbins

Mr. Reid Robbins


About Mr. Reid Robbins:

  • Principal at EPCS since: July 2018
  • Related Experience: Husband, Father, Mathematics Teacher
  • Education: BS in Mathematics Education from Roberts Wesleyan College, MS in Middle School Mathematics from Walden University
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: East Palmyra Christian School is a place where our children can be specifically, and effectively equipped to carry out the Great Commission found at the end of Matthew. EPCS is a place for parents who take the covenant and promise found in Proverbs 22:6 seriously. I am proud to walk this path shoulder-to-shoulder with other parents who have the same desires for their children.
  • EPCS email: rrobbins@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Rachel Maag

Mrs. Rachel Maag

Pre-K & Kindergarten

About Mrs. Rachael Maag:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2010
  • Related Experience: Elementary Music and Band Teacher, Reading Specialist for grades K-9, Resource, Writing Teacher grades 3-6, Yearbook Editor & Coordinator and 1st/2nd Grade Teacher
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Trinity Christian School and Pending Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Aurora University
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: EPCS is such a wonderful community of believers. We are a family in Christ. The rooms and halls are always filled with positive words and laughter for all ages. I love teaching at EPCS because the students, staff, volunteers, and parents are warm and welcoming. Positive energy fills the halls and classrooms. God’s love shows in everything.
  • EPCS email: rmaag@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Kathleen Cornwell

Mrs. Kathleen Cornwell

Music, Band, Jazz Band, Choir, High School English Language Arts

About Mrs. Kathleen Cornwell:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 1998
  • Related Experience: Taught elementary and middle school band and general music at Newark School District. Currently sings in church choir, and is a member of the Newark Park Band
  • Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Education from Ithaca College.
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: Mrs. Cornwell is thankful to God for leading her to this wonderful school, where students can learn in a positive atmosphere, supported by dedicated teachers. She especially appreciates the whole-hearted support the staff, school board and the parents.
  • EPCS email: kcornwell@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Judy Rachow

Mrs. Judy Rachow

Grades 5 and 7

About Mrs. Judy Rachow:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 1994
  • Related Experience: Teacher at Evangelical Christian Academy on Guam from 1983-1990.
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Summit Christian College/Taylor University Fort Wayne and Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from SUNY at Brockport
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I love the sense of community at EPCS. We are like a family. My favorite part of teaching is seeing students faces light up when they make a connection between what is being taught and some aspect of their world. They are always so surprised! Teaching Gods children about His world is a great blessing to me.
  • EPCS email: jrachow@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Debi Price Murray

Mrs. Debi Price Murray

Middle & High School level

About Mrs. Debi Price Murray:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2017
  • Related Experience: Special Education Instructor and Generalist for 10 years.
  • Education:  Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Scranton;  Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education Grades 1-6 and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6 with Minor in Instructional Technology from St. John Fisher College; Certification in Students with Disabilities Grades 5-9; Generalist from Touro College.
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I believe every child can learn and I strive to help all students become lifelong learners. I believe God called me to EPCS. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6. I love working at EPCS as I have been welcomed warmly by staff, students and community. I feel blessed to teach here.
  • EPCS email: dpricemurray@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Deborah Howell

Mrs. Deborah Howell

Pre-K & Kindergarten Assistant

About Mrs. Deborah Howell:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2017
  • Related Experience: Life-long work in Christian settings to include day cares, schools, offices, and childrens ministries
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I love that we as a school have Christ in our daily activities. We have “chapel” type gathering on Wednesdays, we can pray before a meal or anytime. The students are encouraged to use the talents that God gave them, memorizing Scripture is encouraged too.  Of course, I love the look on the kid’s faces when they hear they have done a good job at learning something new. I look forward to coming in each day…I’m thankful The Lord helped us find EPCS!
  • EPCS email: dhowell@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Nanita Szarek

Mrs. Nanita Szarek

Elementary (3-4) Teacher

About Mrs. Nanita Szarek

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 1998

  • Related Experience: Music Teacher in the Mercy Ships Academy on the MV Africa Mercy off the coast of West Africa 2010-2015.

  • Education: B.A. in Music Education from Roberts Wesleyan College and M.Ed. in Initial Childhood and Special Education Grades 1-6 also from Roberts Wesleyan College.

  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?:  I love the community of our school and I love how God is the focal point of our school and in our daily lives.

  • EPCS email: nszarek@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com

Mrs. Deb Thompson

Mrs. Deb Thompson

Elementary (1-2) Teacher

About Mrs. Deb Thompson:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2015
  • Related Experience: Before working at EPCS, I worked in Marion CSD as the AIS Elementary Math teacher for several years. After earning my degree, I started substituting at various schools.
  • Education: I went to college later in life. It is never too late to start something you love! I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Middle School education at Nazareth College in 2008. 
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I fell in love with the close knit community of EPCS after being a long term substitute there. I love the way the parents are involved in their child’s education. I love being able to show them how awesome our God is, through all subjects, in nature, in our lives, or even during tough times, our God abounds in power, love, mercy and grace. 
  • EPCS email: dthompson@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. AnnMarie Priestley

Mrs. AnnMarie Priestley

Art Teacher

About Mrs. AnnMarie Priestley:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2018
  • Related Experience: I’ve been passionate about art since I was little and I am continually learning and improving my skill.
  • Education: I studied fine art and graphic design in Ireland where I am from.
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I love that moment when a student feels so proud of their art work, I love the kindness I see exemplified by the students, especially the older students with the little ones. I love listening to a small voice praying Grace in front of the whole school at lunch time. I love the commitment and passion of fellow staff and alumni to God and to making our school a beautiful, safe and blessed place to be.
  • EPCS email: apriestley@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Kimberly Wise

Mrs. Kimberly Wise

Middle and High School Teacher

About Mrs. Kimberly Wise:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2015
  • Related Experience: Substitute teacher in various local public school districts for 6 years.  Church Treasurer for 3 years.
  • Education: NYS Teaching Certificate in Math 7-12; Master’s Degree in Math Education from Western Governors University; Bachelor’s Degree in Math Education from East Central University; Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Southern Nazarene University.
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I enjoy getting to know each student and learning how he or she thinks and processes information.  Then I adapt the way I teach based on that information.  It is thrilling seeing the looks on the student’s faces when subjects are presented in “their language”.  One thing that I love about EPCS is the family atmosphere where older students mentor and look out for younger students.
  • EPCS email: kwise@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Jill Lovell

Mrs. Jill Lovell

High School Science teacher

About Mrs. Jill Lovell:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2019
  • Related Experience: 16 years teaching high school science to homeschooled students in a cooperative program; 9 years working as an environmental engineer
  • Education: A.A.S. in environmental technology from Paul Smith’s College, B.S. in environmental technology from Cornell University, M.S. in civil engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I love sharing my interest in science and showing the students how the world works, in physical, chemical and biological ways. God designed the parts of our world and each one of the students with a purpose
  • EPCS email: jlovell@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Stephanie Mercer

Mrs. Stephanie Mercer


About Mrs. Stephanie Mercer:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: Teaching piano since 2018, ACC 101 since 2019
  • Related Experience: Private piano teacher for many years, Public Accountant
  • Education: BS Music Education – Roberts Wesleyan; MM Piano Performance and Pedagogy – Nazareth School of Music; MS Accounting – Liberty University
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I love that I am in a setting where I can share my love of two fields – Music and Accounting – with students.   I also love that the EPCS parents are extremely supportive to the staff and pitch in whenever asked.  
  • EPCS email: smercer@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mr. Ryan Catchpole

Mr. Ryan Catchpole

PE Teacher

About Mr. Ryan Catchpole:

  • Teacher at EPCS since: 2019
  • Related Experience: Taught recreational skills at ARC, Worked with youth at Scarlet Thread Ministries
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Apologetics Ministry, Associate’s Degree in Human Services
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I enjoy the mutual love for Christ and the students, that the staff share at EPCS. I love being able to coach various sports and getting to know the students. I took a leap of faith applying at EPCS and God clearly showed that this is where I belong.
  • EPCS email: rcatchpole@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com


Mrs. Lois Admiraal

Mrs. Lois Admiraal

Volunteer Librarian

About Mrs. Lois Admiraal:

  • Librarian at EPCS since: 1970s
  • Teacher at EPCS since: 1980s
  • Related Experience: Teaching in Washington State and Iowa
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and English from Calvin College
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I love the closeness of the faculty, student body, and families and the way alumni and families continue to support the school especially through the Harvest Festival.
  • EPCS email: padmiraal@rochester.rr.com
Mr. Steve Adams

Mr. Steve Adams

About Mr. Steve Adams:

  • Finance Secretary at EPCS since:
  • Staff at EPCS since: 2018
  • Related Experience: I have been working on Quickbooks for my own business since 2015. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and have worked in the Accounting field since 2016. 
  • Education: Bachelor in Accounting
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: Working in a Christian Environment.  Watching God work in each family and child through Christian Education.
  • EPCS email: sadams@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com
Mrs. Carrie Billings

Mrs. Carrie Billings


About Mrs. Carrie Billings:

  • Secretary at EPCS since: 2020
  • Related Experience: Professional administrative and clinical experience in both a medical and non-medical environment, including administrative ministry experience. 
  • Education: Associates in Applied Science majoring in Medical Assisting 
  • What do I love about EPCS and/or teaching?: I have always cherished the family environment here at EPCS. We are one family, in Christ, and I feel that warmth each day that I walk through the school doors. I am THRILLED to work in a place where Christ is our first priority.
  • EPCS email: office@eastpalmyrachristianschool.com