PTA Luncheon

Thank you to the PTA members who provided such a wonderful meal to the faculty last Friday during Professional Development Day.  We really appreciated it!




Tuesday, January 16, 2018

MAPS             testing begins

Boy’s Basketball Game is postponed – practice until 5pm


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hot Lunch

Assembly— 8:15 am


Thursday, January 18, 2018

EPCS Basketball Practice— practice until 5pm



Friday, January 19, 2018

 Pizza Friday


Saturday. January 20 , 2018

EPCS Basketball Match with Rapids 2—10:30am HOME



Monday, January 22, 2018

MAPS testing continues

And Beyond


Tuesday, January 16—Friday, January 26    MAPS Testing

Saturday, February 3                                      Solo Fest

Monday—Friday, February 19—23               Presidents Week—No School

The EPCS Website can be found at  Please feel free to log on for up-to-the-minute information, pictures, and schedules as well as EPCS Forms, News, School Door, Videos, and Auction information.  See you on-line.


EPCS Eagles Basketball Schedule 2018

Saturday 1/20 EPCS RAP2 10:30am
Tuesday 1/23  EPCS HSA 4:30pm
Thursday 1/25 Bye  EPCS 4:30pm
Friday 1/26  EPCS RCS 4:30pm
Tuesday 1/30  EPCS RSD 4:30pm
Friday 2/2 St. Paul  EPCS 4:30pm
Tuesday 2/6  EPCS Destiny 4:30pm
Friday 2/8  EPCS RAP1 4pm
Thursday 2/15 HSA  EPCS 5pm
NOTE: Practice every Saturday from 9:30-11:30


Outdoor Clothing

Parents – Please remember that grades preK – 5th grades go outside for morning recess and noon time recess.  These students need proper clothing such as snow pants, hats and water proof gloves in order to be allowed to participate in the snow fun activities!  Even if the weather seems mild for this season, the students get cold when playing with the snow.


If you have snow pants, hats and gloves at home your student has outgrown, please consider donating them to the school for us to use for students who do not have any.  Thank you!


New Flag

EPCS needs a new American Flag!! Our flag is tattered.  Is there anyone who has a flag they are willing to donate to EPCS to proudly display our American flag in front of our school??


Part-time Teacher Opening at EPCS

East Pal has a teacher opening for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons—12:30 pm to 2:45 pm.  Responsibilities include monitoring students in several study halls and teaching a non-Regents level Math class—Consumer Math—three periods per week.


If you are interested in this position, please contact Keith Vanderzwan at    I look forward to hearing from you!


Promoting EPCS

The Promotion Committee for EPCS is now offering the EPCS community the option to purchase car magnets and yard signs for spring 2018.   Minimum purchase for both items will be 25. The prices are as follows: $2.00 each for a magnet and $25 each for a yard sign.  The Promotion order will not be submitted unless minimum order numbers are met.  Please contact our front office before February 14th, so that we can determine if there are enough individual orders to submit an overall order from EPCS.


Geography Bee

Congratulations to our finalists: William Andrews, Elijah Malach, Eleanor Bell, Hunter Charleton, Elizabeth Parker, Anna Szarek, Andrea Malach, and Noah Kellogg. We held our final rounds last week.  Andrea Malach was our winner.  Elijah Malach and Elizabeth Parker placed second and third respectively.


Andrea will take an online test to try to qualify for the NY state contest.


Volunteer needed for Front Office

Do you need some volunteer hours to meet your family quota?  Ms. B is looking for some volunteers to answer the phone and front door between 9:36 – 10:21 am while she teaches a Bible class.  There are several open dates such as January 31st, February 7th, 14th, and 28th.


PTA News

The next PTA meeting will be held on Friday, February 2nd at 10:30 am.  If you plan on attending the meeting, it is helpful if you contact Shelley at ( or 585-752-9773) or through the PTA Remind App, so that she can notify of any changes that might occur.


The PTA will be hosting a Bottle Drive to collect pop cans the week AFTER the super bowl.  Please begin saving cans/bottles through the holiday time!  Our school receives 6 cents for each can/bottle turned into the return center.


Please also save your change during this holiday shopping season!  In February, the PTA will be collecting the change for their Change for Education fundraiser.  Each classroom will be presenting the PTA with a “wish list” and the change collected.


Basketball News

Congrats to the team on another win against Destiny this past Thursday.  What a spectacular finish! The team was down 24-37 at the end of the 3rd Quarter, and we won the game 44-43.  Noah Kellogg scored 15 points in the final quarter, 23 total for the game.  Elijah Malach shot the final 3-point basket with less than a minute to go to put us in the lead.  All team members played great defense to help lead the team to a victory.    


Here is the schedule for this week:

Tuesday:  Match against Rapids1 has been postponed. Practice 3:30-5pm


Thursday:  Practice 3:30 – 5pm


Saturday:  Home Game against Rapids2, Tip off at 10:30am.  Players should arrive at EPCS by 9:30am to help set up the gym and warm up before the game.   Come cheer on the team!


Cleaning the School

The Norsen family will be cleaning our school today.  The Kellogg family will be cleaning on Wednesday and Thursday.  The Morgan family will be cleaning our school on Friday.


Next Monday, the 22nd, Norsen family will be cleaning our school.


Hot Lunch!

The menu for Hot Lunch this week is Taco in a bag, cut up vegetables with either ranch dressing or hummus, and ice cream cups. Workers are Kathy Hatfalvi, Julie Hernandez, and Colleen Andrew.



The letter of the week is /Ii/ and ABC Books will go home Wednesday. Show & Tell will be on Friday. We continue to take a look at shapes with patterns and sizes.




Please keep up with the mini-readers in folders this week as well as the new January reading challenge.We take our MAPS test on Tuesday for Reading.



We start looking at the short vowel sounds and simple CVC word families. This week is -a- week. Show and Tell will be on Friday. Bring something with a short -a- sound (i.e. hat, bat, cat, bag, etc.)



We continue to learn about verbs and continue writing using the lines correctly. We start writing simple sentences.



We wrap-up unit 12, analyzing 3D shapes.



We look at the story of Jesus’ baptism and his love for others. Our memory verse is Matthew 19:14.


Social Studies

We continue our unit on work and jobs with talking about money, making choices, and wants/needs.



We investigate the materials of clay, fiber, and paper.


 First Grade News

Mark your calendars!  We have Assembly on January 24th!!


Expert presentations start next week with Thomas Morgan presenting the Solar System!  We are so excited!


A few of the first graders are still missing snow pants and gloves to play outside. Please send them in with your student so they are well protected from the cold.



We are starting the New Testament 



Topics are…What do we treasure?

And Growing and changing

Spelling words are Lesson 24 and we will not test on this lesson until the 26th. 



Tally charts and graphing


Social Studies

Value of coins and how we use them



Weather maps

Graphing weather


Second and Third Grade News


We will be studying Genesis 18-21, continuing with Abraham’s story.



Both grades will be working on Raz Kids, journaling, handwriting, and reading groups.

Grade 3 will be focusing on parts of speech.



Unit 15, spelling list with highlighted words should be in your child’s take home folder.



We will be learning about plant life.


Social Studies

We will be studying migration and practice more map skills.


Math 2

We will be learning how to regroup tens, hundreds, and how to subtract three-digit numbers.


Math 3

We will be learning how to tell time with both analog and digital clocks.



Fourth and Fifth Grade News


This week, we’ll learn more about Samson. Our memory work is Colossians 3:12-14.



Fourth graders are learning about patterns and sequences. This week, we’ll focus on input/output tables for the four operations.

Fifth graders reviewing dividing whole numbers.

Both Grades should be practicing their multiplication facts each night.



We’ll read some selections in our Storyworks magazine this week.


Social Studies

We’ll continue learning about some of the European Explorers. This week, we’ll focus on the English.



Our new unit is “Investigating Light.”



Unit 14 this week.

Middle School and High School News

Spanish IB, 2 & 3

Poster assignment – students in these classes will create a collage or design illustrating a talent; something he or she can do.  Students should think about what kinds of skills, habits or discipline is required to demonstrate their particular talent.  The illustration of the idea will be expressed in Spanish words, photos, drawings or other unique media.  This assignment is due January 25th.


Bible 6th/7th

Assembly presentation is tomorrow morning and the unit test review will be held during class time.  The Unit Test is scheduled for this Thursday.



Skillbuilder: How to answer multiple choice

Spelling: History vocabulary

Reading: Focus on Comprehension

Writing: Thematic Essay practice



Viruses, Bacteria, Protoctists and Fungi



Cause & Effect

Thematic Essay Writing

Chapter Test -January 25th


Global History

Please purchase Barron’s Regents Exams & Answers (2017)

Global History and Geography.  It is available on Amazon for $7.99 or less.






English 10/11

Reading assignments are due each day for our new novel, Fahrenheit 451. Study guide questions need to be completed as the students read. MAP testing will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


English 12

Our class takes the MAP test on Thursday and Friday this week. We finish Great Expectations for Tuesday.



Music News


WCMEA Solo Festival is on Feb. 3 at Williamson High School.  We have 13 music students participating in this event. Parents, you should be hearing daily work on these solos as the day draws near. Ask your musicians to play for you, or offer to quiz them on scales. The more preparation they do, the more positive the whole experience will be.



Lesson schedule:



7:45 Anna, 9:45 Genevieve, 2:00 Noah Lovell



7:45 Alex, 9:00 Andrew, 9:45 Hunter, 11:15 Eleanor.



11:15 Will, 12:35 Nick & Jonathan, 2:00 Brooke


Next Monday (1/22)

9:00 Genevieve, 9:30 Hannah, 11:15 Christine, 1:20 Anthony, 2:00 Tommy.