EPCS Christmas Program

Friday Evening December 8, 2016

7:15 PM

Please join us in this evening of song and music!

Free-will offering will be accepted

Refreshments will be available after the program


School choirs and bands will be singing and playing in celebration of Christ’s birth.

  We hope to see you there!!


This Week’s Calendar

Monday, December 4, 2017

Another School Day—God’s Mercies are New Every Morning

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes  JJ

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Basketball Team Practice  3:30 – 5pm


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Blessed School Day


Hot Lunch


Thursday, December 7, 2017

 Basketball Team Practice  3:30 – 5pm


Friday, December 8, 2017

Pizza Sale for Lunch

EPCS Christmas Program—7:15 pm


Sunday, December 10, 2017

High School Choir singing at

East Palmyra Christian Reformed Church


Monday, December 11, 2017

Another School Day—God’s Mercies are New Every Morning


And Beyond:

Friday, December 8                                        EPCS Christmas Concert—7:15 pm

Sunday, December 10                                   HS Choir @ EP Christian Reformed Church

Friday, December 15                                      Report Cards

Friday, December 15                                      EPCHS Lessons and Carols—7:15 pm

Friday, December 22                                      Noon Dismissal


The EPCS Website can be found at eastpal.staging.wpengine.com.  Please feel free to log on for up-to-the-minute information, pictures, and schedules as well as EPCS Forms, News, School Door, Videos, and Auction information.  See you on-line.


High School Choir News

On December 10th, the High School Choir will be singing during the 10:00 am Worship Service at the East Palmyra Christian Reformed Church.  Choir members – please remember to arrive before 8:45 am to prepare for warm ups.


On December 15th, the High School Choir will be performing at EPCS in the evening – 7:15 pm – their annual Lessons and Carols program.  This is a wonderful candle and soft light performance of the scriptures and carols describing the Christmas miracle – the birth of our Savior!  Attending this event can be an important pause of anticipation for everyone in this busy season.


PTA News

The next PTA meeting will be held THIS Friday, December 8th at 10:30 am.  If you plan on attending the meeting, it is helpful if you contact Shelley at (mmorgan11@rochester.rr.com or 585-752-9773) or through the PTA Remind App, so that she can notify of any changes that might occur.


ImportantPlease contact Shelley Morgan or Ms. B in the front office as soon as possible if you are willing to…

  1. …set up and host desserts at the Christmas concert this Friday
  2. …donate finger desserts or juices needed for that event.   


Upcoming Fundraiser:  Our school will be selling KidStuff Coupon Books starting Monday, December 11th (this is a new date).  Books are $25 and we earn 50% profit! Your family will earn 1 FREE book worth $25 for every 5 books you sell!  You can check out what coupons the coupon books contain at  http://mykscb.com/kidstuff-coupon-book-editions/


Leo’s Pies & Cheesecake/Coffee Fundraiser Feedback: 158 Leo’s Pies & Cheesecakes were sold and this produced a profit of $829.50 for the PTA!  Pick up for these pies will be Dec 20th.  The exact time for pick up will be announced in a later issue of “Through our School Door”.


PTA will be hosting a Bottle Drive to collect pop cans the week AFTER the super bowl.  Please begin saving cans/bottles through the holiday time!  Our school receives 6 cents for each can/bottle turned into the return center.


Campbell’s Labels for Education

This program is ending and the final submission for EPCS will be sent in a couple weeks.  Please bring whatever labels you have at home.  Only UPCs with the Labels for Education logo will be accepted and redeemed for points into registered schools’ bank accounts. 


Special Thank You

Ms. Beiderbecke “Ms. B” and her back would like to thank 1st grade “Class Mom” Melissa Tuccio for giving her a new office chair as an early Christmas gift.  What a difference! Thank you!!


Newark School Nurse Visit

TOMMOROW – Tuesday, December 5th, Lisa Williams, one of the school nurses at Newark Central Schools will be visiting our school in the morning to perform vision tests, hearing tests, and scoliosis tests for those students who did not hand in a physical to our front office for this school year and for the students who did not have these tests marked off on the physical they did turn in.


Cash Payments for Tuition or Music

Effective immediately – Please do not put cash payments for Tuition or Music into our payment drop-box.  Instead, cash of payments need to be handed directly to office personnel in exchange for a receipt of the payment. 


Ski Club News

Want to try ski club at Bristol Mountain or sign up again? 
Saturdays from 3:00-10:00 from December 9th to March 10th
Contact Leah Talbot at (585) 451-6176 for more information


Basketball News

Practices will continue on the Tuesday & Thursday (3:30 – 5pm), and Saturday (9:30 – 11:30am) schedule until January (holiday practice schedule still TBD).  


Our first game is Tuesday, 1/2/18.  Once the season begins, we will only practice on Saturdays and occasionally on a Tuesday/Thursday if we have a bye. 


Geography Bee

The Geography Bee is coming!  This competition is for grades 5-8, although other grades and parents may come to watch.  The preliminary rounds will be held the week before Christmas break. The tentative date is the afternoon of Thursday, Dec. 21.  Students are encouraged to practice at home as well as in class.  A good website for practice is http://www.sheppardsoftware.com.


Cleaning the School

The Malach family will be cleaning our school every day this week. Next Monday, the Andrew family will be cleaning.


Hot Lunch!

The menu for Hot Lunch this week is baked ziti, salad, bread, fruit, and dessert.  The volunteers are Michelle Malach, Esther Hutt, and Michelle VandenBout.


Auction News

The final step for this year is to deliver Thank You notes to the businesses and neighbors who donated. Please look through the file box on the front bench and find some that you can deliver with a smile instead of a stamp J.  


There are still some unsold gift certificates from Silent Auction. Please contact Becky at 858-349-3642 or Newstach@aol.com if you’d like to make an offer or have any questions.


– 4 Admission Passes to Smith Opera in Geneva, plus concession coupons/ $36 value.

– $25 gift cert. to Curly’s Service Station in Palmyra/ expires 12/31/2018.

– $350 gift cert. toward a family portrait by Tantalo Photography

– $25 gift cert. to Bob’s Family Furniture (2 available)

– One Month Membership to Spunk Fitness in Newark/ New members only, Expires 12/31/2017/ $49 value. (1 available)

– One Month Trial Program to Premier Martial Arts in Newark/ Value: $145 each (2 available).

– 30 minute piano lesson by Jim & Beth Welsh in Palmyra/ Limit one per family/ $20 Value (5 available)

– $60 gift cert. with backpack and snowball throwers from Clifton Springs YMCA/ Expires 12/31/2017.

Rochester Rhinos signed photo/ $20 value.

– Two $15 off 18 holes coupons to Victor Hills Golf Club/ expires 10/21/2018/ $30 value



Pre-K  & K

We continue our Christmas lessons and memorizing Isaiah 9:6.We will be having our Show & Tell on Friday this week with our corresponding letters. Also, our good deed ornaments are due on Friday.


Pre-K Only

Our focus is on the letter Ff this week. ABC Books are due on Friday. We also continue with our numbers 0-10.


Kindergarten Only


Mini-readers will be in folders. Continue to read and return promptly.



Letters are Hh, Cc, and Gg as well as short /a/ and /i/



Common and proper nouns.



Review of Unit 4 – Position and start Unit 5 – Two Dimensional Shapes


Social Studies

We continue our transportation unit. We also look at how children from across the world celebrate Christmas. The common Christmas symbols this week are the wreath and bell.


First Grade News

The Scholastic book orders are due this Friday so that the orders will come for Christmas.



Finishing stories from 1st and 2nd Kings



Nouns, proper nouns, and verbs

Spelling lesson 18





Social Studies/ Science

Finishing All About Me books


Second and Third Grade News


We will be studying Genesis 11 and 12, the tower of Babel and God calling Abram.



Both grades will be working on Raz Kids, journaling, hand-writing, and reading groups.



Unit 11, spelling list with highlighted words should be in your child’s take home folder.



We will be reviewing the Circulatory system.


Social Studies

We will be learning about new customs, where did people come from and starting a new life in America.


Math 2

We will be learning how to rewrite two-digit subtraction, how to check our subtraction, and how to write a number sentence.


Math 3

We will be learning how to use models to add and how to add three-digit and four-digit numbers.


Fourth and Fifth Grade News


Our memory work is Psalm 135:13-18.  Our unit is about the Book of Judges.



Fourth graders are learning about multi-digit multiplication and division.

Fifth graders will finish a unit about expressions and order of operations. They should be ready for a test by Friday.



We will continue literature circle books this week.


Social Studies

We’ll finish a chapter about the Algonquian and Iroquois. Next we’ll learn about some of the European Explorers.



We’re continuing a unit about living things.This week, we’ll learn about habitats and niches and ecosystems.



Lesson 10. The Fifth Grade list is a challenging list this week.  Extra practice is encouraged.

Middle School and High School News

Bible 6/7

The Books of the Bible test is on Wednesday this week.  Students are encouraged to work with the Flashcards and Matching exercises on Quizlet.com for this test.  We will begin Lesson 6 in the workbooks along with working on our Assembly presentation for January.


6/7 Homeroom News:  Scholastic Book Order will be submitted on December 6th in order to get books before break.   Class Code: RLW6C



Skillbuilder: Working in Vocabulary Books

Spelling: vocabulary books

Reading: Focus on Comprehension

Writing: Making claims & finding evidence



Taxonomy & Classification of Living Things Test on Thursday



Writing Document Based Essay

Analyzing Primary Sources

Writing Thematic Essays


English 10 & 11

Chapters 8 & 9 of The Scarlet Letter is due on Tuesday.  Each student will create a question based on one of those chapters to go into a class quiz.

English 12

The students turn in their creative writing assignments on Tuesday. We begin our new novel, Great Expectations, on Wednesday.


Music News

Lesson schedule



9:30 Hannah, 11:15 Brooke, 2:00 Eleanor



7:45 Anna, 9:45 Ella, 12:45 All School Rehearsal



7:45 Alex, 9:00 Bram, 9:45 Elizabeth, 11:15 Andrea



11:15 Genevieve, 12:35 Jonathan & Nick, 2:00 Gage


Next Monday, Dec. 11

9:00 Hunter, 9:45 Will, 10:45 Andrew



Solo festival letters have gone out to instrumental music students in the second year of playing or higher.  Please return the letter with the registration fee by Friday, Dec. 8th. The earlier we register, the better choice of playing times we get. Thanks!


Jazz rehearsal: The jazz band will rehearse after school on Tuesday, from 2:45 to 3:15.  Musicians not in basketball will need to arrange a ride home.


Concert information: Our school Christmas concert is this Friday night, December 8, at 7:15 pm. Students who play in the band need to be at school by 6:30 so we can run through the invitational piece with our visiting musicians. Choir members not in band can arrive by 7:00. Please dress up for this special musical celebration.


Music Donations

Do you have a student who plays in our Junior Band?   Please consider donating one of the following pieces of music as a gift to honor them for all of the dedication they put forth in practicing for Junior Band concerts.  Once you donate a piece of music, every time that piece is used in a concert, the program will note who you purchased it in honor of.  What a nice way to recognize all the effort our students put into our music program!!  Contact either Mrs. Cornwell or Ms. B if you are interested in….


Junior Band

                                       Fire’s Edge for $45    or    Jurassic Park for $40