EPCS Harvest Festival and Auction

Thank you to all of you who came and supported the annual EPCS Harvest Festival and Auction!  Thanks, as well, to those of you who worked to make this day such a success.  You all worked very hard, and it is appreciated.  We thank God for a supportive community, for a wonderful weather day, for open wallets, and for smiles and hugs!  This is God’s school and we are God’s people!!

Spruce Lake Trip

Today, our 8th through 10th graders, along with four chaperones are off to the annual Spruce Lake Retreat Center.  Please pray for the students and adults, for safety, for a blessed time, and for the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.


 Monday, October 23, 2017

Another School Day—God’s Mercies are New Every Morning

8th – 10th Graders Are Off to Spruce Lake

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Blessed School Day

8th – 10th Graders at Spruce Lake

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Assembly—8:15 am

Hot Lunch

8th – 10th Graders Return from Spruce Lake—Around Supper Time

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Professional Development Day—No School

Friday, October 27, 2017

Professional Development Day—No School

Monday, October 30, 2017

Another School Day—God’s Mercies are New Every Morning

And Beyond

Friday, November 10              Veterans Day Holiday—No School

Tuesday, Wednesday, November 21, 22       Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Friday, November 23, 24              Thanksgiving Break—No School

Friday, December 1                End of Trimester 1

Friday, December 8                EPCS Christmas Concert

Friday, December 15              Report Cards

Wednesday, December 20     EPCHS Lessons and Carols

Friday, December 22              Noon Dismissal

The EPCS Website can be found at eastpal.staging.wpengine.com.  Please feel free to log on for up-to-the-minute information, pictures, and schedules as well as EPCS Forms, News, School Door, Videos, and Auction information.  See you on-line.

PTA News

The next PTA “meeting”, 11/3 at 10 AM, will be spent assembling pies in the EPCS kitchen for the Thanksgiving Sale.  RSVP helpful by 11/1 to Shelley at (mmorgan11@rochester.rr.com or 585-752-9773). so that we can notify of any changes that occur.

Apple Pie Fundraiser details: The PTA will be hosting a fundraiser prior to Thanksgiving; an Apple Pie Sale.  We will be selling homemade apple pies (pie comes in frozen, unbaked state). 

The proceeds will be put toward a fund for a new EPCS website.  Attached to the School Door email is the order sheet. 50 pies will be made and sold; first come first serve.

Health News

Please do not forget to send in your student’s physical if they are a new student, a PreK or Kindergarten student, or in the grades of 2nd, 4th, 7th or 10th as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Cleaning the School

Tomorrow the Wiley family will be cleaning our school. Wednesday will be the Teed family. The Teed family will be cleaning again next Monday. 

Hot Lunch!

The Hot lunch menu this week is Chili, Grilled Cheese sandwiches, Salad and Dessert. Our Hot Lunch volunteers will be Maggie Cosh, Terry DeVries and Deborah McCrossen.

Auction News

What a great day! Praise the Lord for the excellent weather, the good spirit of workers and visitors, and for the willingness of our community to support EPCS! “Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”Psalm 106:1. When you pray today, please be mindful to thank Him for his goodness and provision.

The auction cannot go on without the selfless giving of time, energy, talents, and money:

Thank you to those who prayed, planned, baked, cooked, cleaned, set-up, go-getted, bought supplies, quilted, crafted, and worked a shift (or 4!).  The Class baskets were a hit in Live Auction – thank you for participating!  I really appreciate the teachers and office for accommodating all of the special projects, reminders, and early set-up.

– I know you’re all wondering the total amount raised. The final numbers will be tallied soon!

– Coolers, card tables, crock pots, dishes, extension cords, etc can be picked up anytime this week. If you do not find yours, please let me know. Thank you for loaning them! 

– There will be a basket in the front of school for Suggestions and Comments or feel free to email me at newstach@aol.com â€“ I’d love to hear what you enjoyed and what could be improved for next year!

Most of all, thank you for allowing me to serve the school by organizing the auction. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each one of you a little better along the way!

Thank you again to everyone who pitched in!!!

Becky Stachowicz

Box Tops

This week is your last chance to send in those Box Tops for Education in order to make it into our 2017 submission!  The collection hamper sits right inside the front door under the coat rack. These small items help our school in a big way by purchasing classroom supplies.


We have been learning the letter Aa. We will be starting our ABC books this week in class. Show-and-Tell will be on Wednesday; bring an object that begins with /A/. We review all our shapes and colors too. We will also learn about pumpkins.



The pocket in the folders is for our high-frequency word books. Each student is being introduced to a guided reading level and will be bringing home one to two books a week with simple, repetitive readings to encourage beginning reading skills. Please have your child read these books in a timely manner and place them back in their folder marking the reading list sheet. These books are meant to be independent of the reading daily sheet.


We will be starting our alphabet skills. Our first two letters will be Mm & Dd. Show-and-Tell will be on Wednesday; bring one object that begins or ends with either /m/ or /d/.


We try to wrap up our unit of numeral through 10 this week with ordinal numbers.


Our Bible story character for the week is Joseph. The memory verse is Exodus 15:2 and is due next Friday (11/3).

Social Studies

We are continuing our unit on communities. We learn about signs, community helpers, and investigate transportation.


We move on from safety and discuss preventing health problems and taking care of our bodies.


We continue our pumpkin unit. We will be doing some science experiments with pumpkins. If anyone has spare pumpkins or is willing to help us gut ours, please contact me.

First Grade News

Parents – please remember that our class will be presenting the all school Assembly on Wednesday morning at 8:15am!

October book orders are going home today.  Thank you for book orders last month!  Our class has ten new books because of your orders!!


Gideon, Samson


Students have sight words to study every evening.  We tested on them Friday, so each student has a little note in their folder that shows their progress.


Subtraction, measurement and counting on.  Please purchase a set of addition flash cards.  You can buy them at the dollar store.  Their addition facts will help them with subtraction!

Social Studies 



Living vs. Nonliving

Second and Third Grade News


We are reviewing the unit we just completed and will be ready to start with creation next week!


Both grades will be working on Raz Kids, journaling, hand-writing, and reading groups.


No new words this week due to our 3-day week though we will be using this time to review some of the more difficult words we’ve had this year.


We will be discussing how scientists do science and how to use teamwork.

Social Studies

We will be continuing learning about celebrations in different communities while using compare and contrast.

Math 2

We will be learning place value to 1000 and will be using logical reasoning to figure out different problems.

Math 3

We will be multiplying and dividing by 3 and doubling known facts.

Fourth and Fifth Grade News

Class Auction Basket

Our auction basket turned out great!  Thanks to Mrs. Bell for putting it together and to all of the parents who donated money.

Field Trip

We will be joining the sixth and seventh graders for a trip to the RMSC on Tuesday, Oct. 31.  The cost is $10. We’ll leave school about 9:00 and plan to return in time for buses. So far, the only parent who contacted me about driving is Mrs. Hernandez.  If you can drive or just want to come along, please message me on Remind or email me.


Our memory work is Hebrews 11:1-3. We will continue our review of the stories in Genesis.


Fourth graders will finish  a unit about adding and subtracting large numbers. They should be ready for a test on Wednesday.

Fifth graders are continuing a unit about patterns of ten and rounding.

This will include basic exponent concepts and multiplying and dividing by powers of ten.


We have finished our literature circle book and are working on a project to share the book with younger students.  We’ll also  use our new Storyworks magazines.

Social Studies

We’ll learn about protecting the environment of New York.


We will continue our unit about our organ systems.  This week, we’ll look at our urinary system.


We are writing stories about superheroes.


No new spelling words or tests this week.

Middle School and High School News

Bible 6/7

Page 29 in the Route 66 workbook must be completed before this Wednesday’s class.  Next Wednesday, November 1st, the students will be turning in their workbooks for grading.  Please make sure all questions in Unit One are answered!

Students are encouraged to use the extra days off from school this week to review the material in all parts of Unit One.  November 1st and November 2nd will be computerized testing days of the Unit One material in preparation for the Unit One Final Exam on Wednesday, November 8th and Thursday, November 9th.

6th and 7th Homeroom News

On October 31st -Tuesday we will be joining Mrs. Rachow’s class for a trip to RMSC.  The cost of the trip is $10.  If you would like to drive or would like to ride with us, please let me know so we can plan for a group check and set up cars and riders.  Two drivers

will get in free but if we have more drivers that that, we’ll have reduced cost for drivers.  We’ll

leave school at 9a and return in time for the buses.


Skillbuilder: Working on Grammar:Nouns

Spelling: Words from our book-Shiloh

Reading: Focus on Comprehension

Writing: Adding detail in essays


Unit on Cells.  Labs using a microscope.


Native American Cultures:

  • How they lived
  • How climate and resources affected cultures
  • Beliefs shared by different Native American groups
  • Describe life among the Iroquois

 Music News

Music Donations

If you would like to honor or memorialize a loved one, consider donating a piece of music to one of our performing groups. Your dedication will be printed in the program, now and any time the piece is played in the future. If you would like to donate one of these pieces, please let the office know:

Concert Band

Christmas concert

Star of Wonder                       $50

Christmas Classique               $60

Twelve Carols for Christmas    $65

Spring concert

Evermore                                $50

Wondrous Love                       $70

Jazz Band

Christmas concert

Still, still, still                            $50

Spring concert

Bossa de Java                        $50

Junior Band

Fire’s Edge                              $45

Jurassic Park                          $40

Concert Choir

Christmas concert

Prelude to Bethlehem                  $45

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen    $50

Brazilian Carol                              $50

Spring concert

My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness $60

Children’s Choir

Never Smile at a Crocodile    $25

In-season fruits & vegetables, including 15 varieties of apples, winter

squash, and autumn gourds; also mums, cider, baked goods, salsa,

honey, maple, and local specialty foods from NY small businesses.



Visit our website at www.morgansfarmmarket.com

or our Facebook page for more details


3821 Cory Corners Road (off Route 441) Marion *315-926-0910

Weekdays: 10am-6pm; Saturday:  9am-5pm; Sunday: 10am-5p