Grandparents Day 2017

We welcome all Grandparents on Wednesday morning, October 4th, 2017 for our annual Grandparents Day (morning).  Grandparents, you are invited to come to our assembly at 10 o’clock, and then stay for class activities afterward.  Hugs and kisses at 11:45.  School will be dismissed at noon.  We hope to see you all here!!!

 Brand New Sign!!

 Thank you to the members of the East Palmyra Christian Reformed Church who donated funds for the new sign on our front lawn!

The sign, which replaces the outdated one we had before, enhances the front of our school campus and, along with the trees and shrubbery, gives our school a new look.  Come take a look!

Thank you folks, for your generosity, and, together, we praise God for EPCS!


 Monday, October 2, 2017

God-filled, Regular School Day

MAPS Testing Continues This Week

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Blessed School Day

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Granparents Day Morning

Assembly at 10 am

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Wonderful, Regular School Day

MAPS Testing (if Needed)

Friday, October 6, 2017

Amazing, Regular School Day

Picture Day

Pizza Lunch

8th Grade – 12th Grade Field Trip—Compassion Experience

Monday, October 9, 2017

Columbus/ Canadian Thanksgiving Day—No School

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

EPCS Board Meeting—7pm

 And Beyond

Friday, October 13      Fire prevention Day—East Palmyra Fire Department and Mercy Flight

Friday, October 13      Fear of Failure Notices

Saturday, October 21 EPCS Harvest Festival and Auction—11 am start

Monday-Wednesday October 23-25  Spruce Lake Retreat—8th – 10th Grade

Thursday-Friday         EPCS Faculty PD Days

The EPCS Website can be found at  Please feel free to log on for up-to-the-minute information, pictures, and schedules as well as EPCS Forms, News, School Door, Videos, and Auction information.  See you on-line.

Grandparent Day Event – Treats Needed

Carrie Billings and Donna Edmunds are coordinating refreshments for the Grandparents Day Open House.

If you are willing to drop finger-food baked goods off to EPCS for this event let them know via text at 585-721-3900 (Carrie) or 315-573-5067 (Donna). 

Please deliver items to the EPCS kitchen before 10AM on Oct. 4 clearly labeled “to be used for Grandparents Day”.   All excess will be frozen and reused at another school function.

Picture Day

Please return your Photo order forms with payment by tomorrow – Tuesday, October 3rd.

Cleaning the School

Today, the Edmunds family will be cleaning our school, the Wiley family on Tuesday & Wednesday, the ??? on Thursday and the Teed family on Friday.

The Wiley family will be cleaning next Tuesday (there is no school on Monday). 

The following dates in October are available if your family still needs to sign up for your full number of cleaning dates (2 for PreK students and 5 for full time students):

Thursday, October 5th

Wednesday, October 11th

Monday, October 16th

Wednesday, October 18th

Thursday, October 19th

Monday, October 23rd

Tuesday, October 31st

There are also plenty of dates available for the rest of the school year too!  Families who do not sign up for cleaning dates will be expected to pay for their cleaning obligation this week.

PTA News

The next PTA meeting will be on October 6, 2017 at 10:30 am. The meeting will be in the school library at EPCS.  PTA tasks are 1/ service and support, 2/ fund raising.  All welcome!!

Hot Lunch!

No Hot Lunch this week due to our Noon Dismissal.


If your student normally takes bus transportation home on Wednesdays, please notify our front office (315.597.4400) if your student will be going home with a grandparent this Wednesday, October 4th at our Noon Dismissal.

Reminder – No Newark bus transportation this Friday

                               No Marion bus transportation next Tuesday!

Please notify our front office as to who will be providing afternoon transportation if your student is either normally a Newark bus rider on Friday and a Marion bus rider on Tuesday.

Auction News

There are very important flyers with additional information attached to this School Door with all the latest Auction News. There is new information and requests included in these flyers. Please read! 

Do you want a flyer of the Auction & Harvest Festival to post somewhere?

Email and one will be sent home with your student.

Box Tops

To all parents, supporters, and teachers at EPCS:

The children are back to school and it’s time to get your BOX TOPS in to the school also.  Last year I set a goal of over $500.00 submitted by the 1st of November, which is when the next submittal deadline is.  This year I want to increase that to $750.00 but I can only do that with help from ALL of you.  Get those BOX TOPS in — don’t hoard them!!!  Also, if you are planning to come to the auction in October, bring in your BOX TOPS then and put them in the specially marked bin by the office in the hallway.

Also, bring in any used printer cartridges that you may have.  I turn them in to Staples for store credit and purchase supplies for the teachers and the school with those credits.  Help me help the school!!!! 

Thank you all, in advance, for your support!!!!   Pat Talma

Pre-K News

We continue with our nursery rhyme and fairy tale unit. We are also excited to celebrate Grandparent’s Day. Please remember to send in your pictures. We also continue with our shape unit.

Kindergarten News


We continue our nursery rhyme and fairy tale units. We also keep working on rhyming words and building and breaking apart sentences.


We continue exploring numerals 0 to 5 and finish it with an assessment at the end of the week.


We start learning about Abraham and his calling. Our new memory verse will be Genesis 28:15a.

Social Studies

We wrap up our unit on families this week. We look at extended family and our pets.


We wrap up our unit on feelings and good character traits.

Field Trip

We will be taking our first field trip to the Morgan’s Apple Farm the morning of Monday, October 16th. We will be learning about apples/farms, take a hayride, and even do some apple picking! If you are available to chaperon/drive, please let me know. There is no cost for this trip.


We will be putting together a class basket with an Art Theme. We are asking that each child sends in $5 each to put towards the basket. We will buy all the materials and the kids will add a fun element to the basket. Please send in money no later than next week, Wednesday, Oct. 11.

First Grade News

First grade parents! Did you know that your students earn Behavior Bucks everyday?  They have to follow rules and listen or they will lose Bucks! Every Friday they are allowed to use those Behavior Bucks on items in our classroom store.


Jacob blesses his children.

Stories of Moses


Raz kids Reading groups Spelling is not going home yet.



Addition flash cards will be for sale in

our classroom store (using behavior bucks) or you can buy them at the dollar store.  

Social Studies 

One room schoolhouse field trip 


Taking care of our senses

Second and Third Grade News

We have a busy and exciting week ahead of us! Today we are on a field trip to the Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse and Wednesday is Grandparents’ Day!


We are learning about understanding the importance of God’s Word and how to investigate Bible content.


Both grades will be working on an ELA packet and will be working on Raz Kids. We will also be reading a short story in our reading groups.


Unit 4

There will be a copy of this week’s spelling words in your child’s take home folder. Your child only has to work on the highlighted words. If you want the spelling list in another format please let me know.


Bear with me as we switch to a newer version of our Science curriculum.

Social Studies

We will be learning about communities around the world and how to use map scales.

Math 2

We will be learning about how to measure feet and yards and how to relate inches, feet, and yards.

Math 3

We will be learning about patterns in the multiplication table and then will start multiplying by 2.

Fourth and Fifth Grade News

Class Auction Basket

Please remember to send in your $5 for the class basket if you haven’t done so already.  Thanks to Mrs. Bell for helping us paint the mugs.

Field Trip

Mrs. Price-Murray and I are trying to set up a trip to Ganandagon either next Tuesday or the following Tuesday.  This will be for grades 4-7.  If you are willing to drive, please let me know.


Our new memory work is 2 Peter 1:20-21. We will continue learning about the way the Bible was written.


Fourth graders will start a unit about adding and subtracting large numbers.

Fifth graders will have their test on Thursday or Friday.


We will finish our story about Mae Jemison and then will start literature circles.  We’ll also start using our new Storyworks magazines.

Social Studies

We’ll finish Chapter One about the physical geography of New York and will have a quiz on Thursday.  This will be an open book test..


We will continue our unit about our organ systems.  This week, we’ll look at our digestive system.


We’ll focus on the parts of a well-written paragraph and will write several paragraphs.


We’ll do Lesson Three this week.

Middle School and High School News

Bible 6/7

No Bible class on Wednesday.  The homework assignment from Lesson Two is due on Thursday.

English 6/7

Skillbuilder: Working on Grammar: Nouns

Spelling: State Names

Reading: Focus on Comprehension

 Science 7 Life Science

Review for Chapter test, (Scientific Method) on Tuesday, begin new chapter on cells


Review for Chapter Test, (Geography, History and the Social Sciences), on Thursday.

 English 10 & 11

This week we continue reading the novel A Separate Peace.  There will be daily reading assignments for this. There is a vocabulary test Friday morning, on part 1 words from our novel.

 English 12

We finish Hamlet and begin working on projects.

Music News

Lesson schedule

Tues.: 9:15 Anthony, 9:45 Andrew, 11:15 Will, 2:00 Hunter

Wed.: 7:45 Anna

Thurs.: 7:45 Alex, 9:00 Gage & Bram, 9:45 Andrea, Nick & Jonathan.

Fri.:11:15 Ella

Next Tuesday, Oct. 10: 9:00 Genevieve, 9:45 Eleanor,10:45 Elizabeth.

Concert Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir and Children’s choir

These groups will all be performing at the 10:00 am assembly on Grandparents’ Day, Wednesday, October 4th. Parents and grandparents are invited to join us, as well as friends, neighbors and pastors.  It will be a special morning. Please get the word out!

 Music Donations

If you would like to honor or memorialize a loved one, consider donating a piece of music to one of our performing groups. Your dedication will be printed in the program, now and any time the piece is played in the future. If you would like to donate one of these pieces, please let the office know:

Concert Band

Christmas concert

Star of Wonder                       $50

Christmas Classique               $60

Twelve Carols for Christmas    $65

Spring concert

Evermore                                $50

Wondrous Love                       $70

Jazz Band

Christmas concert

Go Tell it on the Mountain       $50

Still, still, still                            $50

Spring concert

Bossa de Java                        $50

Junior Band

Blessings                                 $45

Fire’s Edge                              $45

Jurassic Park                          $40

Concert Choir

Christmas concert

Prelude to Bethlehem                  $45

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen    $50

Brazilian Carol                              $50

Spring concert

My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness $60

Girls’ Choir

Feed the Birds                         $30

Children’s Choir

Never Smile at a Crocodile    $25