Week Three of the 2017-2018 School Year
We welcome you back to EPCS after a restful and relaxed (I hope) weekend. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday morning, October 4, for our annual Grandparents Day. More information in future School Doors.

Monday, September 18, 2017
God-filled, Regular School Day
MAPS Testing This Week
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
A Blessed School Day
MAPS Testing
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Assembly—8:15 am
MAPS Testing
Hot Lunch (Yahoo)
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Wonderful, Regular School Day
MAPS Testing
Friday, September 22, 2017
Amazing, Regular School Day
MAPS Testing
Pizza Lunch
Monday, September 25, 2017
And Beyond
Wednesday, October 4 EPCS Grandparents Day/PD Day Noon Dismissal
Monday, October 9 Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving

The EPCS Website can be found at eastpal.staging.wpengine.com Please feel free to log on for up-to-the-minute information, pictures, and schedules as well as EPCS Forms, News, School Door, Videos, and Auction information. See you on-line.


Harvest Festival Food Tent Needs… EPCS Families – Here is a list of items you can donate to our Harvest Festival & Action Food Tent before October 7th. Call or text Patty Teed (315.521.3044) if you are interested in donating one or more of the following:
5 Boxes Chip Packs 30 count mix, 8 Ketchup, 3 Mustard, 5 Relish, 1 Can Decaf Coffee (big can), 2 Cans Regular Coffee (big can), 1 Box Tea Bags (100 ct.), 10 # Sugar, 1 Box Sugar Substitute

The following soda in 12 packs
20 Cola 10 Diet Cola 15 Lemon Lime 10 Orange
8 Cases of 16 oz bottle Water (Wegmans 32 count is cheapest)

AFTER OCTOBER 7TH…Patty will be ordering the items that have not been donated for the school to purchase out of Auction funds.

Cleaning the School: The Lent will be cleaning our school this entire week and the Andrew family will be cleaning next Monday. If you did not pay for cleaning when making your tuition payment in August, please contact Ms. B in the front office about signing up for your cleaning days make your cleaning payment to our Financial Coordinator as soon as possible. She still has many, many dates open for families to sign up for their volunteer cleaning days.

PTA News: The next PTA meeting will be on October 6, 2017 at 10:30 am. The meeting will be in the school library at EPCS. PTA tasks are 1/ service and support, 2/ fund raising. All welcome!!

Hot Lunch! This week’s Hot Lunch menu features….Chicken patties, tater tots, veggie with dip or humus and dessert (chocolate or vanilla ice cream cup). Our volunteer hot lunch workers will be Kathy Hatfalvi, Julie Hernandez, and Colleen Andrew. There will be a gluten free option of Chicken Breast with a gluten free bun for those students and teachers who are gluten intolerant.

Remember – The cost is $2.50 and cash or checks can be sent into the office. Please be sure to write “hot lunch” on the check memo line or on the outside of the envelope if paying in cash.

Pizza money needs to be a separate check/cash and it needs to be turned in to Mrs. Wise. Pizza Fridays Pizza will be available on most Fridays. Orders for pizza slices ($1.25), cups of milk (.25 cents) and ranch dip cups (.25 cents) will be taken in the classrooms on Wednesdays. All money towards a student’s pizza account needs to be turned into Mrs. Wise (8th, 9th, and 10th grade homeroom teacher). Any questions? Contact Mrs. Wise at kwise@www.eastpalmyrachristianschool.com.

Auction News: There are very important flyers with additional information attached to this School Door with all the latest Auction News. Please read!

Box Tops: To all EPCS teachers, parents and supporters: In my last communication about Box Tops I said that the deadline for the next check was December 1st. That was wrong. The next deadline is NOVEMBER 1ST and I’d like to get as many Box Tops submitted as I can. That means that there are ONLY SIX WEEKS TO GET THOSE BOX TOPS IN TO THE SCHOOL so I can get them ready to submit. With all of your collective help, I know we can get this done for the school. Thank you. Pat Talma Re-register for TOPS EDUCATION funds! The TOPS for EDUCATION program requires families to re-register each school year. Please register or re-register! Here are some additional bonuses according to their program…

“From now thorough October 14th, your school can earn an extra $5 for each new Supporter! Simply have your families sign up for the 2017—2018 school year at TopsMarkets.com/Education. Each family that signs up will get a $5 coupon for their groceries, and if they redeem the coupon, the school they support gets $5 too! Visit website for complete details.”

“Earn DOUBLE contributions (up to 10%) on the purchase of any single-serve or multi-packs of TOPS brand water all school year long.”

“All school year long (September 1 through May 31), your families’ can now earn up to 5% for your school when purchasing TOPS brand* products with a registered TOPS BonusPlus® Card! The more your families shop, the more your school earns!”
Pre-K News
Our theme this week is all about apples. We will learn about Johnny Appleseed, trees, seeds, and apples. We will even do a fun art project on Friday with using apples as stamps. We start our journey through the alphabet this week as well as continuing learning our shapes. We also keep working on our names.

Kindergarten News
We continue learning about books, where to start reading, direction of text, spacing and finding familiar words and letters. We also read lots of fiction text about apples and farms. We will be doing some fun projects with our PK friends.
High-Frequency Words
Each student will be working on their own list of high-frequency words. Look for your child’s list in their B.E.E. folder this week.
We have started our first chapter in math, exploring numerals 0 to 5. We will be identifying quantities, and using objects and illustrations to count, read and write these numerals.
We finish The Creation Story and begin celebrating how God made each of us in his image.
We continue working on manners and good character traits.
B.E.E. Folder
Please be sure to look in your child’s folder daily and sign the behavior chart for that day only. There is also a name practice sheet in the folder. Use a dry erase pen on the protector sheet so your child can practice writing their names at home!
Scholastic Orders
Our first Scholastic orders are due Friday. If you are interested in purchasing any books for your young learner, please do so online using our class code HWJ8V.

First Grade News

First grade is very busy! As soon as they walk in the room they have work on their desks! Please remember to send in your book orders or order online by September 27th. Bible Abraham and Sarah Reading Remember to ready to your child daily! It is a proven fact that taking time to do this helps them succeed in school!!

Math Addition. Students will use objects to discover “What two numbers equal a given number (5,6,7, and 8)?” Social Studies Comparing families now and then. We will be visiting a one room school house on October 2nd. More info to come!

Science Five senses

Second and Third Grade News

We will be doing MAPS testing this week. Our class will be testing on Tuesday and Thursday morning. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast and is well rested. This will be the first of three assessments that will take place throughout the year so that we know which areas we should be spending more time on. Thank you.

We are continuing our study of Ephesians and putting on the full armor of God.

Both grades will be working on an ELA packet and will be working on Raz Kids. We will also be reading a short story in our reading groups.

Unit 2
There will be a copy of this week’s spelling words in your child’s take home folder. Your child only has to work on the highlighted words. If you want the spelling list in another format please let me know.

We will be looking at living vs. nonliving things.

Social Studies
We will be continuing to learn about other communities in the United States.

Math 2
We will be learning about counting back to subtract, subtract all and subtract zero, using doubles to subtract, and relating addition to subtraction.

Math 3
We will be using multiplication to find combinations and then will start our unit on division and will learn how to relate subtraction to division.

Fourth and Fifth Grade News

We will finish first unit of study, Paul’s letter to the Philippians, and will look at how the Bible was written and compiled. Our memory work will be Phil. 4:4-7 and also the names of the books of the Bible. We’ll have a practice test over the Philippians passage on Thursday.

Both grades are reviewing concepts about our number system. They should be ready for a quiz early next week.

We will continue a unit about risks and consequences. Our new story this week will be “The King’s Fountain” by Lloyd Alexander.

Social Studies
This year, we will be learning about New York. This week, we continue learning about the basic geography of New York.

We will learn about some scientists.

We’ll start a presentation (like a PowerPoint) about our grandparents. If parents could send me a few pictures of the students’ grandparents, we’ll include them in our presentation. Digital pictures would be easiest, but I can also scan pictures using our copier..

We’ll do Lesson Two this week.
Middle School and High School News

Bible 6/7
Students have a mini-test scheduled for Wednesday focusing on the first part of Lesson One.

English 6/7 Writing -Students will be working on persuasive essays. Reading-Students will work on the reading strategy: Making Connections.

Science 7 Life Science Students will focus on life formation on Earth. History Students will focus on geography of the U.S. and vocabulary terms.

Global History Students will focus on the Age of Exploration. (15th century-17th century).

Science 12 Students will learn the connection between ecosystems and human health.

Psychology 12 Students will continue to work on growth mindset project for a future assembly.

English 10 & 11

This week we begin reading the novel A Separate Peace. There will be daily reading assignments for this.

English 12
We continue reading Hamlet and working in the study guide. Music News

Lesson schedule
Tues.: 9:15 Hunter, 9:45 Will, 11:15 Nick & Jonathan, 1:20 Noah Lovell, 2:00 Genevieve. Wed.: 7:45 Andrea, 9:45 Brooke, Thurs.: 7:45 Alex, 9:15 Bram,, 2:00 Anna, Fri.: 11:15 Ella, 12:35 Andrew, 2:00 Gage. Next Monday, Sept. 25: 9:15 Eleanor, 9:45 Elizabeth,10:45 Brooke.

Young Americans
This traveling group will be at Newark High school Oct. 12-14, to lead students in singing and dancing as they prepare for an evening performance on Saturday Oct. 14th. Students begin on Oct. 12 after school, rehearse all day on Friday (missing a day of school,) and all day Saturday. All students in grades 3-12 are invited to register. There is a fee of $59, which includes a t shirt. Go to this link to register: https://reg.youngamericans.org/Registration/Event/E32034AA6B87459790BB9032E3EA899A
If you’re interested, don’t wait; space is limited.