Week Two of the 2017-2018 School Year

Again, welcome back everyone!  We are excited to be back at school and begin another year here at EPCS, our 71st one.  God is good and greatly to be praised!  We welcome a host of new students and families to our school this year.  We are happy and blessed that you are part of our community!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your student’s teacher or me at your convenience.  May God bless us richly this school year!


Monday, September 11, 2017

God-filled, Regular School Day

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

EPCS Board Meeting—7 pm

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Assembly—8:15 am

Hot Lunch (Yahoo)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wonderful, Regular School Day

Friday, September 15, 2017

Amazing, Regular School Day

Pizza Lunch

Monday, September 18, 2017

And Beyond

Wednesday, October 4                       EPCS Grandparents Day/PD Day     Noon Dismissal

Monday, October 9                             Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving


The EPCS Website can be found at eastpal.staging.wpengine.com.  Please feel free to log on for up-to-the-minute information, pictures, and schedules as well as EPCS Forms, News, School Door, Videos, and Auction information.  See you on-line.

 Library News

Thanks to Beverly Stanton, Elizabeth’s grandmother, for all the DVD’s, including many Feature Films for Families.  Thanks, too, to Mrs. Szarek for the set of Magic School Bus DVD’s.  We appreciate these fine additions to the library.

Library will again usually be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Kindergarten students may check out one book on Tuesday and one book and one movie on Thursday.  Each time they return a book or movie, they may check out another one.  Older students may also check out a movie on Thursday, and they also will be able to get another one when they return the movie.  They may check out three books each Tuesday and one on Thursday unless they have overdue books.  Thanks.               Lois Admiraal, Librarian

Cleaning the School

The VanCamp family will be cleaning our school this entire week and the Lent family will be cleaning next Monday.  Is anyone available for Monday, September 25th?  Please contact the front office at 315.597.4400 or office@www.eastpalmyrachristianschool.com.

If you did not pay for cleaning when making your tuition payment in August, please contact Ms. B in the front office about signing up for your cleaning days or make your cleaning payment to our Financial Coordinator as soon as possible.  She still has many, many dates open for families to sign up for their volunteer cleaning days.

PTA News

There will be an organizational PTA meeting 9/15/17 10:30AM at EPCS. Location in building TBD.  PTA tasks are 1/ service and support, 2/ fund raising.  All welcome.

The PTA also wants to remind all parents to download the Remind App for their student’s classroom as well as the school. 

EPCS school:   @epcsc

Mrs. Maag:  @MaagK

Mrs. Thompson:  @epcs1s

Mrs. Szarek:  @nsza

Mrs. Rachow:  @epcs4

Mrs. Wise:  @810ho

Mr. Vanderzwan:  @epcsj

Hot Lunch!

This week’s Hot Lunch menu features….Tacos, veggie with dip and dessert.  Our volunteer hot lunch workers will be Maggie Cosh, Dottie Holtz and Donna Edmunds.

Remember –  The cost is $2.50 and cash or checks can be sent into the office. Please be sure to write “hot lunch” on the check memo line or on the outside of the envelope if paying in cash. Sending in a check for $25 will buy 10 lunches (smaller increments are ok too), which is suggested instead of paying weekly.  The menu for the week will be in the school door on Mondays so your child can choose ahead of time if they would like to purchase it that day. If your child chooses not to purchase lunch, please be sure to pack them a lunch.  

Piano Lessons

Hello!  For those who don’t know me, my name is Stephanie Mercer and I will be taking over the teaching of piano lessons for Ellen Bittner at East Palmyra Christian School.  I have sent two kids to East Pal, the youngest, Josh, just graduated 8th grade last year.  I teach piano at Mobile Music in Canandaigua as well as out of my home and am excited to be back teaching at East Pal.

I will be coming into East Pal on Tuesday mornings starting Sept 12th.  If you have a student who is interested in piano lessons, please contact me at mercerstephanie@hotmail.com or 585-703-4730.

Volunteer in the Front Office

Ms. B is looking for volunteers to help with answering the front door and telephone between the hours of 9:30 to 10:30 am on Wednesdays (once a month, bi-monthly, or one time only) and sometimes on an occasional Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 am.  If you are interested please contact her at 315.597.4400 or office@www.eastpalmyrachristianschool.com.

Auction News

There is a flyer which is being emailed along with this School Door with all the latest Auction News.

Box Tops

To all parents, supporters, and teachers at EPCS:

The children are back to school and it’s time to get your BOX TOPS in to the school also.  Last year I set a goal of over $500.00 submitted by the end of November, which is when the next submittal deadline is.  This year I want to increase that to $750.00 but I can only do that with help from ALL of you.  Get those BOX TOPS in — don’t hoard them!!!  Also, if you are planning to come to the auction in October, bring in your BOX TOPS then and put them in the specially marked bin by the office in the hallway.

Also, bring in any used printer cartridges that you may have.  I turn them in to Staples for store credit and purchase supplies for the teachers and the school with those credits.  Help me help the school!!!! 

Thank you all, in advance, for your support!!!!  Pat Talma

Pre-K News

We have had a wonderful first few days! This week we start our name work by identifying the letters in our name. We will also be working on shapes and colors. Please be sure to look in your child’s folder daily and sign the behavior chart for that day only. Also, our first monthly project will be going home today. Look for the directions in your child’s folder and please return it by next week Monday!

Kindergarten News


We start with learning the parts of a book and what an author and illustrator does. We also learn about the direction of text, spacing and finding familiar words.

High-Frequency Words

An assessment will take place early in the week to determine what list your child will start on. Each student will go home with a list at the end of the week that corresponds to the high-frequency list they will be studying.


We look at shapes, colors, numbers and position to ready us for our math curriculum.


We start at the very beginning, The Creation Story.


We will be working on manners and good character traits.

Monthly Project

The first monthly project will go home in your child’s folder today with instructions. Please return it by next week Monday!

B.E.E. Folder

Please be sure to look in your child’s folder daily and sign the behavior chart for that day only. There is also a name practice sheet in the folder. Use a dry erase pen on the protector sheet so your child can practice writing their names at home!

First Grade News

The first grade class would like suggestions of where to go on their monthly field trips!  Where should we go in September??  In October, we would like to go to the Morgan’s farm!


Starting with Genesis


Beginning groups this week.  Students will have sight words to practice every day this week. 


Addition stories

Social Studies

School yesterday and today



Second and Third Grade News

Welcome back to school! Our specials are on the following days, Music on Monday and Thursday, PE on Wednesday and Friday, Library on Tuesday and Thursday.  


We are are studying Ephesians. We will be talking about being a part of God’s family, working as a team, following in the footsteps of Jesus, and honoring God.


Both grades will be working on an ELA packet and will be working on Raz Kids. We will also be reading a short story in our reading groups.


Unit 1  

There will be a copy of this week’s spelling words in your child’s take home folder. If you want the spelling list in another format please let me know.


We will be learning methods of science: observation, question, hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion.

Social Studies

We will be learning about finding the main idea and details in our text as we start our unit on communities.

Math 2

We will be learning about doubles and near doubles, making a 10, adding three numbers, and writing a number sentence.

Math 3

We will be multiplying with arrays, learning how to make a table, and we will use multiplication to find combinations.

Fourth and Fifth Grade News

Welcome to our two new students, Bram Hernandez and Gage Bell!

A few families have not yet signed up for our Remind app.  Please do this by texting @epcs4 on your cell phone. You can sign up for the school account by texting @epcsc.  


Our first unit of study will be Paul’s letter to the Philippians.  Our memory work will be Phil. 4:4-7.


Both grades are reviewing concepts about our number system.



We have started a unit about risks and consequences.  Our new story this week will be “Toto,” a story about an elephant and a boy in Africa.

Social Studies

This year, we will be learning about New York.  This week, we will be learning about the basic geography of New York.


Our first unit will be about scientists and what they do.


We have been writing essays about our summer vacations.


We will be using Spelling City again this year to practice our spelling words.  You may sign in at home on your student’s account to see the words.  He/she should have his/her password written in the agenda.

Middle School and High School News

Greetings to all from Mrs. Price Murray, (“Mrs. P.”) Thank you for your warm welcome. I am excited to be at EPCS.

English 6/7

Writing-Students will work on essay writing.

Reading-Students will be working on strategies to become better readers.

Spelling/Vocabulary-Students will focus on frequency words used in subject areas.

Science 7 Life Science

Chapter 1 –How life was formed on Earth.


Unit 1-Roots of American History Geography, History and the Social Sciences

Global History

This year we will cover history from the Global Age (1400) to Present Day. We will learn strategies to support a claim when writing an essay. Practice began on our first day!

Science 12

We will research effect weather patterns have on the Earth.

Psychology 12

We will be learning about the brain and mindset.

English 10 & 11

This week we begin reading the novel A Separate Peace.  There will be daily reading assignments for this.

English 12

We continue reading Hamlet and working in the study guide.

Music News

Lesson schedule

Tues.: 9:15 Anthony, 9:45 Genevieve, 11:15 Elizabeth 1:20 Noah Lovell, 2:00 Will.

Wed.: 7:45 Andrea, 9:45 Alex, 2:00 Bram.

Thurs.: 9:15 Nelson, 9:45 Ella, 2:00 Andrew.

Fri.: 11:15 Gage, 2:00 Jonathan.

Next Monday, Sept. 18: 9;15 Eleanor, 9:45 Brooke, 10:45 Anna.

Congratulations to three of our musicians who have been chosen for advanced ensembles: Because of the high scores they received at solo festival in the spring, Kate Winslow and Kit Hohenboken have been selected for High School Area All State (best in the 8 county area)  mixed chorus.  Kit has also been selected for an even higher honor: All State (best in the entire state) mixed chorus! At the Junior High level, Elijah Malach was selected for first chair trumpet in the Area All state band (again, the best in 8 counties.)  Elijah also has earned first chair in the Hochstein Youth Wind Symphony ensemble.  Amazing work, all of you!! Thank you for representing yourselves and our school so well.

Young Americans

This traveling group will be at Newark High school Oct. 12-14, to lead students in singing and dancing as they prepare for an evening performance on Saturday Oct. 14th. Students begin on Oct. 12 after school, rehearse all day on Friday (missing a day of school,) and all day Saturday. All students in grades 3-12 are invited to register. There is a fee of $59, which includes a t shirt.  Go to this link to register: https://reg.youngamericans.org/Registration/Event/E32034AA6B87459790BB9032E3EA899A

If you’re interested, don’t wait; space is limited.