All registration, bus, field trip, etc. forms for families enrolling for the first time can be found below.  Thank you for considering EPCS as your school for your child(ren)’s education!  Come.  Discover who we are!

The forms below are for FAMILIES NEW TO EPCS.  Soon there will be a link for families who are re-enrolling their students.

EPCS Elementary and Middle School Forms

Enrollment Forms (pdf)

Bus Request Form (pdf)

Medical Release Form (pdf)

Field Trip Authorization (pdf)

Admission Policy (pdf)

Middle School Personal Reference (pdf)

EPCS Student Appearance Guidelines 2017

EPCS High School (Grades 9 through 12)

High School Enrollment Form–Student (pdf)

High School Enrollment Form–Parent/Family (pdf)

High School Pastor’s Reference Form (pdf)

High School Personal Reference Form (pdf)

Admission Policy (pdf)

EPCS Student Appearance Guidelines 2017