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Auction News 9/18/17

We’re about a month away from auction – remember to mark the date, Saturday October 21st!

In order to help us all get organized, I have attached an “Auction To-Do List” that details the different areas each family is asked to help with.  There is also a copy in your child’s folder.  (It’s also attached to this email just in case).  There are 9 areas you are asked to help with to make this year’s auction successful, so let’s break it down a little. For this week, let’s just focus on these 4 items:

Prayer – Please pray for the Lord to receive glory from the auction, good weather, a good spirit for both workers and visitors, and that the needs of the school will be met.

Sign-up – Spots are filling up fast, so act quickly to grab your favorite place to be a blessing!

The STUDENT volunteer list is now online at

(Students in grades 7 and above are required to work one shift)

The ADULT volunteer list is also online at

(We are also looking for a few computer literate adults to help work in the Auction Office, registering bidders and checking them out at the end of the day. Please contact the Monsma’s if interested).

You can also reach Nick and Kelly Monsma to sign up or to ask questions at (315) 359-8007.

*Working a shift at Auction counts toward the school’s volunteer hour requirement.

  Go-getting – Items are coming in!

Check out the auction catalog at

Keep up the good work! Please follow-up with your businesses soon and bring any donations in by October 1st. Remember to ask about posting a flyer!

Contact Linda Kellogg with questions at (315) 359-0702.

If you’re not a go-getter, but would like to donate an item, please contact Linda Kellogg or Becky Stachowicz. Just a few ideas: handmade quilts, wood working, soaps, themed baskets, gift certificates for lessons, services, or homemade meals….

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for all of your hard work!

~Becky             858-349-3642